Restricted key systems come with many benefits, and so  are being more popular, some benefits include:


1. Restricted Copies:

With the use of a restricted key system, keys must be copied under the authorised person's consent.  Keys cut are recorded, and only certain people will be allowed to get new keys under the supervision of the owner.

With standard keys comes the issue of stolen keys being easily copied, which expose your property to unauthorized access.

2. Security:

One of the biggest advantages with a restricted key system is the higher level of security offered, in comparison to other systems. 

3. Pick Resistant:

With a restricted key system, it is designed to be pick resistant and makes picking the locks much more difficult, and therefore maximizes security for the business.


Aria Locksmiths' Restricted Key System: 

LG6 is an Australian designed and patended restricted keying system. To ensure the highest quality, LG6 barrels are manufactured in Australia with the key blanks sourced in Italy made fron high quality nickel silver for strength and durability. 

LG6 restricted key systems provide reliable key security. LG6 keys can only be supplied by approved Locksmith Guild of Australia (LGA) member. When the approved LGA member installs an LG6 system, the keys are registered in the name of the system owner who is also issued with an LG6 Key Registration Certificate at system installation. Replacement and additional keys are only cut and supplied against the authorising signature (or other agreed identification) of the system owner as stated on the certificate. When ordering keys, the owner also has to nominate to whom the keys are to be delivered.