digital lock solution for office doors

There is a very good reason why even the commercial locksmiths among you have not sold many electronic access control (EAC) solutions for interior office doors and smaller businesses. Most EAC systems are simply too powerful and, as a result, too costly and disruptive to put on the scores of interior doors in Class A and Class B commercial real estate buildings. To provide EAC to office space entries, interior offices, conference rooms, equipment rooms and IT rooms in commercial real estate buildings, within tenant offices, at school administration offices, government offices and scores of other buildings ranging from those housing ambulatory care to manufacturing facilities, a less expensive and less disruptive, right-sized solution has been needed. This brings up another reason why you always need to go through the latest edition of Locksmith Ledger. Manufacturers are always working on ways to provide you - and them - with increased revenues and market segment growth opportunities. They are also quite aware that the interior door market is a big security and access management retrofit opportunity. And, recently, they have come up with a solution and a significant opportunity for locksmiths everywhere. A new wireless standalone locking system enables the transition from mechanical to electronic access at a fraction of the cost of traditional wired solutions. Developed specifically for facilities that want to upgrade from mechanical locks and keys to electronic credentials for improved security and efficiency, wireless locks are ideal for interior office doors, common area doors and sensitive storage spaces at a fraction of the cost of traditional EAC. Programming is easy. All the administrator needs is a lock and a free mobile app. The locks simplify installation by combining the lock, credential reader, door position switch and request-to-exit switch together into one unit. They have identical door preps to mechanical locks so they can be can be easily interchanged without having to replace the door or the frame. Installation is complete within 15 minutes using only a Phillips screwdriver, with no additional holes to drill or wires to run to the opening. Additionally, lever handing is field reversible in seconds, so there is no need to worry if it is a left or right-handed door. Leveraging web-based and mobile apps makes it simple for you to commission and even easier for your customer to configure lock settings, add users and view audits and alerts fromanywhere. When connected to the Internet, these devices use Wi-Fi to update the locks automatically once a day, eliminating the need to update locks on site as with traditional offline electronic locks. Or, using a downloadable free app and a mobile device, administrators can approach the individual locks and use the Bluetooth Low Energy technology on their smart phone or tablet, to program them. Thus, for small to mid-sized businesses, an affordable EAC solution can deliver new levels of security and flexibility in addition to cost savings associated with re-keying. Ellectronic credentials, which are easily issued on cards or smart phones, reduce the need for service calls related tolockouts and re-keying. Access privileges can be quickly assigned and revoked electronically by the office administrator, making them ideal for employees, contract workers, visitors and service providers. Most importantly, such wireless standalone locks let property owners and managers leverage their existing electronic credentials throughout the building, outside and inside. That's something that they have been wanting and that makes this retrofit project much easier to sell.

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    fred (Thursday, 19 May 2016 11:55)

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