What is an NMB key?


The NMB key is a key used by gas workers, electricians, waterboard etc. It is used for the purpose of gaining access to a property in order to read or service gas, electricity, water meters and so on.

Do I need to have my lock keyed to the NMB key?

It depends. If access to the meter on your property or, common property in the case of strata, is through a locked door or gate then you should have the NMB key running through the lock.

How do I get my lock keyed to the NMB?

We can send a locksmith out to your property and rekey your lock so that your original key still works as well as the NMB key.

Can I keep my original key every time you add the NMB key?

Not all the time. It depends on the cuts of your key. If your key is compatible with the NMB key then yes, however sometimes it is necessary to issue a new individual key.

Do I need any additional parts to have my lock keyed to the NMB key?

Possibly. It depends on the profile of the keyway in your lock. If it compatible with the NMB, 80% of households are, then you wont need additional parts. If however the current lock has a different keyway we would supply one that can accommodate the NMB key and issue you with a new key for that lock. Our locksmith can advise on site.

Can the NMB key be added to any lock?

No. It cannot be added to lever or access control locks (except where an override key is available). It is compatible with cylinder based locks equates to roughly 90% of locks on residential and commercial properties.

Who can hold an NMB key?

By law a locksmith should only cut these keys for authorized persons including eg Telstra, gas, Sydney water etc.

What is the approximate cost of having a locksmith key my lock to the NMB?

As long as the lock is compatible and we don’t need to supply any extra parts you only pay the price of a rekey. The first lock includes a call out fee and each lock thereafter incurs an additional fee which varies depending on the type of lock. After hours jobs are subject to a surcharge on call out and labour. Please call us for more information.

I have heard of a new high security system.

There is now a higher security version of the NMB key, which is on the Abloy Protec broach. The following locks are able to work off the Protec system. Mortice locks, knob sets, deadlocks and padlocks.  Additional access can be keyed into the lock allowing you to specify the extent. Example: Telstra, Gas, Sydney water etc.

If you choose the Protec system you will be issued with a new individual to operate the new cylinder, however the security benefits compared to the old NMB are worth it. The Protec key is much harder to get, as it is only available through one outlet in Australia, as opposed to the old NMB, which is available through any locksmith.

What is the cost of having a locksmith install the high security Protec version?

It depends on the type of cylinder and the number of keys that operate the lock. Please contact us for more details.

I have the old NMB; do I need to change to the new Protec?

It is entirely up to you, however the old keys are not as hard to get as keys on the Protec system. The Protec is higher security on two fronts, firstly in attaining a key and secondly in picking / destroying the lock cylinder to get access.



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    Chris Gurney (Wednesday, 28 April 2021 07:20)

    i am setting up a BiLock master key system in a block of strata units. can i include electrical and gas meter rooms or do they have to stay on an NMB key?